It was the scene strolling through the garden with Lena Headey, and the last thing they shot was when I was looking out into the Adriatic Sea. Then I tore off my costume and jumped into the ocean. Then I said good-bye to everybody and got in the van and rode to the airport.”

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haha auuughhh I think I’m so funny. Just saw the Book of Mormon, guess my two favorite characters!


Watercolor Super Heroes

by Blule

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No but witted people and the mannerisms they pick up from their witbond. We don’t hear very much about what Fitz gets from Nighteyes, except the not meeting people directly in the eyes in certain situations and that thing about going really still when he wants to avoid being seen. 

But come on they were bonded for nearly twenty years right? So Fitz is going to have way more little things than that. And there’s a bit somewhere (too sleep-deprived to find now) when Nighteyes is deliberately baring his throat to Fitz which is described as the ultimate sign of submission and trust for a wolf. So what if Fitz does this a little? Like, Chade and Kettricken and Verity always thought he was just being bitchy when he submits to an order (particularly one he feels strongly about or involves putting a great deal of trust in the order-giver) and lifts his chin a little.

Because they think that he’s lifting his chin in defiance but actually he’s baring his throat in submission though tbh for Fitz those two things are in no way mutually exclusive.

Also Beloved thought the same until being connected to Nighteyes, and after that point he starts putting the pieces together.

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense. Am running on two-and-a-half hours sleep.



les mis london 2013-14 - anton zetterholm [enjolras]


★ star wars meme | 3/7 planets:

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sophie turner by james meakin outtakes

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it’s not a sunday unless you completely waste it then feel really sad around 8pm

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